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How to Burn a Beeswax Candle

Hello! A few customers have expressed concern over not being able to light their candles despite beeswax remaining. We wanted to take a moment to address this issue!

Most mass-marketed candles are made from paraffin or soy due to the affordability of these waxes. While these waxes melt evenly, they don’t last as long or carry the health benefits associated with beeswax!

Properly burning beeswax candles is an easy process and can be done to increase the longevity of your candle!

1 thought on “How to Burn a Beeswax Candle

  1. Thanks for helping me understand that burning the beeswax candle properly will increase the longevity of the candle. I will learn more about it because I want to buy some for my personal use. It just seems more healthy if I pick this kind of candle to burn in my home.

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